Structural Motivation at ATI


ATI's carefully-designed “choice architecture” helps students to align their daily activity with their chosen goals and intentions for their current high school experience and their plans beyond high school.

ATI takes its responsibility for reinforcing student accountability seriously, and expects each student to consistently make progress towards chosen goals. If students are not completing their weekly goals, mentors and teachers will immediately step in to support the student. Students will be asked to remain on campus during independent work periods and over the lunch period in order to allow sufficient time to complete short-term goals. At any time, students may also renegotiate long- or short-term goals, or determine how to restructure use of time in order to consistently achieve future goals. Over time, students will be expected to proactively identify goals they are unable to meet in order ask for help or take responsibility to renegotiate the timeframe or the content of a goal.

Detailed quarterly reports include a narrative description of a student's progress towards his or her chosen goals along with clear indications of whether a student is meeting, failing to meet, or exceeding chosen goals. These holistically-focused strength-based reports are highly valuable for both students and parents.

Part of maintaining and communicating the seriousness of a culture of high standards is having a defined process for identifying when ATI is not the best fit for a student. Though it is an exceedingly rare occurrence, if a student repeatedly fails to meet his or her personal benchmarks, does not step forward to maintain integrity with goals by explicitly renegotiating timeframes or the goals themselves, repeatedly fails to respect the supportive peer culture of the community, or is not dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in at least one key area of their life, a student may be asked to leave.

A high school for teens who want to excel on their own terms.

In the right learning environment, high school students are capable of much more than conventional education permits them to achieve. Teens that choose ATI are ready for responsibility and able to take ownership over their own education in a way that the control mechanisms of typical schooling make virtually impossible.

If the average high school experience just doesn't inspire your teen, consider the Academy of Thought and Industry. We're looking forward to connecting with you and answering all of your questions.

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