Online High School Math Teacher

Teach from Anywhere!

ATI Virtual School is for students who are curious, passionate and eager to explore, learn and engage. We are looking for teacher excited about guiding students' work and lives.

Our program inspires, empowers, and connects adolescents to our world so that they can build meaningful lives—now and into adulthood. Too often, teens experience school as a space that hinders them from reaching their goals. The ATI Virtual program is designed to help students discover and follow the paths they truly want to pursue.

Students develop and achieve ambitious personal goals through a combination of a humanistic curriculum, individual passion projects, and one-on-one coaching. Through our program, students build a critical understanding of our world and how it developed. They connect to the world by applying their foundational knowledge to real-world work as part of a lively community of engaged learners.

About Us 

The Virtual Academy of Thought and Industry is an innovative new high school model that offers a deep knowledge curriculum within a framework of self-directed learning. Our carefully crafted program offers an integrated approach to achieving personal, academic, and professional excellence. Together with our students, we identify and support individualized development plans that help each student engage in meaningful work and acquire the requisite content, skills, and experiences necessary for the life he or she wants to live. 

Our program is built upon three pillars: 

  • A Socratic humanities corein which students discuss, digest, and debate the core competing ideas that shape our world.  
  • A focus on meaningful projects, with community outreach and engagement and the flexibility for students to pursue passion-driven learning beyond the school walls.  
  • A close-knit small learning community of support and challenge, that includes individualized coaching for our students and engaging communities of practice for our teachers.  

ATI combines the knowledge and reasoning ideals of a liberal arts education, real-world experiential opportunities for today’s urban teenagers and a supportive learning community to help each student uniquely thrive. It’s a blend of the best of a classical approach to education with the best of what alternative and experiential education have to offer. In addition, ATI offers a strong college preparatory curriculum, including a systematic approach to standardized testing and an integrated approach to AP courses.  

In addition to our core classes, our community is based around workshopping and collaborating on projects. Our students create films and write novels, find internships and start businesses, publish essays and engage in advocacy. All ATI virtual students engage in deliberately chosen, personal passion projects. Supporting students with their core academic course work and their individual passion projects is a fundamental part of being a teacher at ATI. Each student has a coach that helps them create and navigate their own path. The coach both helps her find local opportunities and resources, and connects her with the wider ATI network to find mentors and opportunities that represent actionable, ambitious next steps for her pursuits. 

About You 

Our ideal Math candidate is a highly capable, experienced educator of teenagers, a curious and engaging community-builder and a thoughtful, kind human being. We know that’s asking a lot! We're looking for an innovative, intellectual mentor for our students who loves teaching and learning science (the broader the better). We are best suited for educators who care deeply about adolescent development and are inspired to be a part of building a better holistic educational experience for teenagers.  

We're looking for someone who is: 

  • Dedicated to building an innovative online curriculum
  • An experienced (or deeply committed to learning) mentor, advisor, or coach of teenagers to help them explore their passions, learn to manage difficulties and embrace their gifts    
  • An expert in study and application of variety of math subjects (Algebra, Geometry, Calculus) 
  • Excited about classroom Socratic inquiry (see our Founder's book, The Habit of Thought, for the specific pedagogy)  
  • Passionate about developing student problem solving skills and mindsets and making connections to the real world   
  • Deeply motivated to foster autonomy and individuality of students and willing to personalize instruction and assessment significantly based on student needs  
  • Has significant experience and deep commitment to working with adolescents  
  • An excellent communicator   
  • Strengths-based focused  
  • Committed to the idea of endless improvement personally and professionally  

Our math course focuses on truly understanding the foundations of math. We use a combination of Montessori resources and proprietary curriculum to bring math to life, to enable students to see math in the world around them. This is facilitated both by a historical perspective on the development and application of math, and by an unapologetic focus on how math gets translated by modern microchips into an extremely flexible logic, viz. computer programming, that serves as an algorithmic version of human thought. 

Montessori wrote that “intelligence today is no longer natural but mathematical,” and, four score years later, that is truer than ever. Mathematics is simultaneously (1) an invaluable resource for shaping the structure of one’s basic analytic thinking capacity, (2) a source of rich content for understanding the quantitative relationships in the world, and (3) being integrated at an accelerated rate into life through information technology and the analyses that this enables. 

You may or may not come from a traditional Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, or Trigonometry teaching background – you may have taught in alternative or innovative schools or programs - we are open to a range of backgrounds and experiences that align to our community and student aspirations.  If you do come from a traditional education background, you’re seeking to build something different, to take your teaching practice in innovative directions and to develop deep personal relationships with students and peers. If you have experience with AP coursework, SAT content and prep, and are knowledgeable and practiced in the Socratic method, let us know in your cover letter. 

We strongly encourage and welcome people from all backgrounds to apply for this opportunity and join our unique community. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills.  

If you're as excited about this endeavor as we are, please apply below and include a detailed cover letter explaining your qualifications and interest in this role.