Best Teen Doers and Thinkers?

A profile of Laura Deming, teen anti-aging expert, and now VC in her early 20s!

ATI is running a $1 million scholarship competition to celebrate the best teen thinkers and doers, details here. As inspiration for the competition, we are profiling amazing young people who were doing incredible things as teens.

This week, we celebrate Laura Deming, who at the age of 12 was working in an anti-aging lab at UCSF, then went to MIT at the age of 14,  then dropped out at the age of 16 to accept a $100,000 Thiel Fellowship to continue her exploration of anti-aging technologies. This led to her founding The Longevity Fund, which raised $4 million in its first round and $22 million in its second fund. Here's more on her career:

"Deming believes that science can be used to create biological immortality in humans and has said that ending aging 'is a lot closer than you might think.' She has been featured in '30 Under 30' by Forbes Magazine and was one of the stars of 'The Age of Aging,' a documentary by National Geographic. She also spoke at the 2012 Singularity Summit and at the 2013 TEDMED conference.

"In 2018, Deming launched Age1, a four-month startup accelerator program focused on founders creating longevity companies. The program graduated its first class of six on October 10, 2018, with companies including Fauna Bio, a startup using the biology of hibernation to aid in heart attack and stroke recovery, and Spring Discovery, focused on accelerating aging therapeutic research with machine learning. In August 2018, Deming also began advising the newly launched Pioneer Fund, a fund designed to find talent and 'lost Einsteins' around the world for projects in longevity."

Deming was certainly an amazing teen thinker and doer! What will you do? What will your child do?

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