Dancing with students: Meet ATI student Mica Manotoc

During a recent visit to ATI San Francisco, we spent time with students in the makers space, painting and learning, together!

While shooting a brand film at the Academy of Thought and Industry in San Francisco, one of the students, Mica Manotoc, described painting as "entering into a dance." 

We were instantly captivated by her wherewithal and sensibilities. We wanted to learn more.

Her mind clears, she said, and everything slows down and makes sense. She talked about Pollock, and how he liberated her from the easel, freeing her to see the world differently. Of course, we asked if we could watch her work!

Moments later, we were heading into the studio, and as any collaborative artist, she prompted us to select a color palette. Carefully choosing the paint, we helped her lay them out. Then, the magic started. We witnessed her "dance."

She loved it! Almost as much as we loved her.

Upon leaving, she handed us the painting as a token of her appreciation, inscribing her gratitude on the back.

I had to turn it into a logo. It's my new favorite thing!

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