Video: Meet Student JP Barbagelata

JP is a senior and aspiring photographer at ATI San Francisco.

JP joined ATI as a high school junior looking for a program within which he could explore his interests more fully while also positioning himself for college admissions more effectively. We worked with him on a personalized program that included a substantial focus on SAT prep, on the one hand, and developing his creative projects, on the other. 

By the end of the year, his SAT scores had increased to the point at which he was competitive at top liberal arts colleges. At the same time, his creative portfolio included: A professional health education video produced for Kaiser Permanente; two articles published in Atlas Obscura, a website with 1.1 million monthly views edited by the former editor of The Atlantic's City Lab (his first one was rejected but he persevered until the editors approved his work); and an art show for teens with submissions from across the U.S. 

JP also met with admissions officers and other key supporters at his target colleges, putting him in a strong position for college admissions. Meet JP. 

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