Latin Teacher with Fluency in French or Spanish

St. Louis, Missouri

Seeking an extraordinary Latin educator thelp us build the future of middle and high school

What is possible to the human adolescent? Our view is that properly empowered, and in the right learning environment, high school students are capable of much more than conventional education enables them to achieve. High school students are and ought to be purpose-driven: with creative, entrepreneurial, or intellectual passion beyond the boundaries of conventional schools. They are and ought to be meaning-driven: deeply reflective about the nature of the true and the good in a way that conventional standards don’t serve. They are and ought to be mature and responsible: able to gradually take ownership over their own education and relationships. And they are and ought to be non-standard: advanced in one or more domains in ways that basic courses cannot serve, and with different and evolving areas of growth that conventional methods can’t help them optimally address. 

About Us 

Our ideal candidate is a lifelong learner dedicated to developmentally-based education who understands and loves working with teenagers and is committed to team partnership and collaboration. We're looking for an innovative, intellectual mentor for our students who is passionate about Acquired Language Learning and is fluent in Latin, as well as Spanish or French. Montessori training and experience, as well as knowledge of the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma program, is a plus.

This position seeks a guide to teach introductory through advanced Latin to students ages 12-18, as well as French or Spanish to students ages 14-18. This is a full-time teaching position for someone that is

  • Strongly interested in co-creating a vibrant, loving school community
  • An experienced (or deeply committed to learning) advisor of teenagers to help them explore their passions, learn to manage and overcome challenges, and embrace their strengths
  • An expert in study and application of Latin and Latin-based language
  • Passionate about developing students’ critical thinking skills and mindsets and making connections to the real world
  • Deeply motivated to foster student agency and individuality, and willing to personalize instruction and assessment significantly based on student needs
  • Deeply committed to working with adolescents
  • An excellent communicator, with strong interpersonal skills
  • Strengths and solutions focused
  • Open to feedback and committed to ongoing personal and professional development

Additionally, our guides contribute to our program through engagement beyond their academic discipline, demonstrating a variety of interests, passions, and/or accomplishments that they are eager to share with students. Examples may include visual art, entrepreneurship, MakerSpace, robotics, coding, design thinking, improv, creative professional skills, martial arts, yoga, mindfulness, music, etc.

ATI St. Louis provides a program continuum for students in grades 7-12 and all guides should be eager to engage with students ages 12-18 daily, in a variety of ways.

Ours is a non-traditional, innovative program, and we welcome a range of backgrounds and experiences that aligns to our vision.  If you come from a traditional education background, you’re seeking to build something different, to take your teaching practice in creative directions, and to develop deep personal relationships with students and peers.

We strongly encourage and welcome people from all backgrounds to apply for this opportunity to join our unique community. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety perspectives and skills. 

If you're as excited about this endeavor as we are, please apply below and include a detailed cover letter explaining your qualifications and interest in this role.