Adolescent Program Manager & Coach

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About Us 

The Academy of Thought and Industry is an innovative new middle and high school model that inspires, empowers, and connects adolescents to our world so that they can build meaningful lives—now and into adulthood. Too often, teens experience school as a space that hinders them from reaching their goals. The ATI program is designed to help students discover and follow the paths they truly want to pursue. 

Students develop and achieve ambitious personal goals through a combination of a humanistic curriculum, individual passion projects, and one-on-one coaching. Through our program, students build a critical understanding of our world and how it developed, and then connect to the world by applying their foundational knowledge to real and meaningful work. 

These 5 core values are embedded through every area of our program: 

  1. The Pursuit of Knowledge: We strive to put facts first and gain wisdom through both scholarship and experiential learning. We use evidence-based reasoning to explore, interrogate and debate the big ideas that have shaped our world, seeking what is true and connecting those ideas to our own lives and contexts. We pursue knowledge not as an academic exercise, but to improve our judgment and actions in the world. 
  1. The Love of Work: Purposeful work is central to a life well-lived. In choosing our work, we direct our energies intentionally toward our goals, bring structure and focus to our lives, and reshape our worlds. Through cultivating our capacity for work, as well as our appreciation of the rewards of work well done, we develop a character capable of genuine effort and great achievement. 
  1. The Power of Agency: We believe that human beings, using their reason, judgment and passion, are capable of leading self-directed lives of profound meaning and worth. We seek to always acknowledge and respect our own power to act, and to develop and exercise our capacity to act with purpose, integrity and conviction in pursuit of our aspirations. 
  1. The Joyfulness of Community: We recognize the value of deep, honest relationship, and we offer others an authentic self that makes such relationships possible. We enliven and enrich each other through our choice to share norms, practices and expectations. In doing so, we experience the joy of belonging and develop a deep and abiding sense of love and responsibility for the communities we embrace. 
  1. The Courage to Live Wholeheartedly: To fully engage with the world requires a tremendous amount of vulnerability and moral courage. In order to become our best selves, we bravely face our insecurities and have the courage to care deeply about our values. We embrace the everlasting process of personal growth hat is the hallmark of being human, and that allows us to live wholeheartedly. 

The Role 

The Adolescent Program Manager & Coach will work on our Program Support team to ensure an exceptional, high-quality programmatic student and family experience in our Academy of Thought and Industry programs. This includes actively evaluating program quality across the network and directly addressing program challenges, primarily through supporting our Heads of Schools and Guides with training, coaching, mentorship, and resource creation. 


  • Coaching ATI Guides through one-on-one and/or group sessions, supporting them with every aspect of their role. This includes but is not limited to: classroom leadership (management), student coaching, curriculum implementation and differentiation, creating individualized learning plans, mastery-based assessment, addressing behavior challenges or lack of engagement, creating a strong culture that embodies all of ATI’s core values 
  • Observing, assessing, and debriefing with Guides and Heads of School to offer direct and constructive feedback 
  • Proposing, designing, and delivering professional development learning opportunities for Guides 
  • Writing, editing, and creating program resources to help Guides in their classroom, support Heads of Schools in running a quality program, and to articulate our approach to students and families 
  • Providing regular, systematic, data-driven feedback to our Program Development team to inform ongoing development efforts 
  • Setting a positive, solutions-oriented example for Guides that always puts the students’ development first. 
  • Actively participating in and pursuing regular professional development for yourself 


  • 5+ years of experience working with middle and/or high schoolers 
  • 2+ years of experience in one of the following: 
    • School leadership 
    • Educational coaching, training, professional development, and/or adult learning 
    • Development of curriculum, assessment frameworks, and/or enrichment programs 
  • Deeply motivated to be part of an education model that fosters agency and individuality of students, uses mastery-based assessment (not grades) and personalizes instruction based on student needs 
  • An aptitude for reading people and speaking to the best in them 
  • Excellent observation skills 
  • Exceptional written and oral communication skills 
  • Incredible attention to detail, strong organization skills, and the capacity to manically prioritize for impact 
  • Comfort with ambiguity, an entrepreneurial mindset, and a passion for solving challenging problems 
  • A strong work ethic and coachable attitude    
  • Tech-savvy 
  • Willingness to travel regularly (post-covid)  
  • Familiarity with the Montessori methodology is preferred

If you're as excited about this project as we are, please apply below and include a detailed cover letter explaining your qualifications and interest in this role.