Our Values



“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

As we each act in alignment with our own chosen values, we establish the character we intend to live by. At ATI, we practice excellence, consistently expressing the specific virtues that we each cherish.


Our basic sense of self-worth as human beings comes from providing value to ourselves and others through our work. Work is the natural accompaniment of the ability to recognize a problem, or to envision a better world. Through our work, we offer the world our best.


Our essential humanity is manifest in our capacity to reason and understand the world. We are committed to the Enlightenment tradition that unwaveringly employs reason in all domains—from geography to religion, from history to politics, from art to engineering, from physics to ethics.


Having a well-formed knowledge framework means being able to access—and affect—the whole tapestry of human experience. To develop this framework, we learn facts, form and assess theories, and master and navigate controversies in light of all of the available evidence.

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A high school for teens who want to excel on their own terms.

In the right learning environment, high school students are capable of much more than conventional education permits them to achieve. Teens that choose ATI are ready for responsibility and able to take ownership over their own education in a way that the control mechanisms of typical schooling make virtually impossible.

If the average high school experience just doesn't inspire your teen, consider the Academy of Thought and Industry. We're looking forward to connecting with you and answering all of your questions.

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