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  • ATI is a precious jewel in the San Francisco independent high school scene. My son is getting in-depth academics, the choice he craves in how to spend his intellectual time, college prep testing/training, an intimate community of peers that values kids who walk off the beaten track, incredible mentoring from committed teachers, and the time to pursue his non-school interests. The school expects a kind of independence from students that is, in our experience, both age-appropriate and liberating.

    Jo Kreiter


  • The rigor is impressive without being oppressive. Our daughter has had the chance to take AP classes at 12 and is thriving on the challenge. High expectations are set for students and because their education is shaped by what drives them. They seem to rise to meet those standards and still have time to grow and process because there are less boxes to check off. The evaluations are especially helpful in taking on the role of coach for an increasingly independent teen.

    Brook Maturo


  • We feel so lucky to have found ATI after touring many San Francisco high schools searching for the right fit for our son. He is creative, social, and passionate about film-making, yet he needed a different approach to academics. At ATI, he gets customized and personalized support to help him build his confidence and navigate his dyslexia in order to explore a variety of courses and ideas that might otherwise be unavailable to him in a traditional classroom setting. ATI has been a wonderful community, too.

    Elise Navin



  • What is your daily schedule at ATI San Francisco?

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    School is from Monday to Friday. School opens at 9 AM, classes start at 10 AM and go until 4 PM. Students have one hour for lunch. School closes to students at 5 PM.

  • Do you require admissions or entrance exams?

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    We do not require admissions or entrance exams.

  • What are your graduation requirements?

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    Our graduation requirements set a floor or minimum bar that we expect all students to far exceed in order to pursue their goals beyond ATI. At minimum, students must satisfactorily complete all core classes each year and the equivalent of 2 electives per year (which could include independent work) in order to graduate from ATI.

  • Do you accept transfers?

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    We do accept transfer students during the year. We have limited space for transfers. Please go here to understand the transfer process.

  • Do you have age or grade cut-offs?

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    ATI is primarily a high school community. However ATI is an integrated, mixed-age environment and therefore we are open to accepting exceptionally mature 8th-grade students or 13th-year students seeking a structured, supportive community within which to achieve their goals. There are no strict age cut-offs.

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