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Academy of Thought and Industry at Museum Mile

We are a modern Montessori-inspired middle school at Museum Mile, NYC delivering a powerful education for independence, to develop curious, self-motivated adolescents who thrive in school and in life. Contact us at (917)-388-1710 to learn more or book a tour.

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Welcome to ATI Museum Mile

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Welcome to the new Academy of Thought and Industry (ATI) at Museum Mile! We are so thrilled to offer a continuous learner-centered experience from Guidepost Children’s House (ages three through six), through our Guidepost Lower and Upper Elementary programs (ages six through twelve), all the way through our new adolescent ATI program (ages twelve through sixteen).

The ATI experience is unique and compelling. Our program’s Montessori foundation features both a deep understanding of adolescent development and a commitment to guide and nurture our students on their individual journeys to create lives of virtue, value and purpose. To achieve these goals, we understand that it would never work to set up institutional schooling and place students within that somewhat-rigid framework. Instead, we continually co-develop the school experience with our students as they grow and change as individuals and as a community. True ownership comes by way of including students in the design process of space, time and arrangement of learning contingencies.

Dr. Montessori’s gift to adolescent education is the visionary framework of autonomy paired with accountability. Students emerging from their middle and high school education today must navigate an ever-changing world through their ability to be self-driven, to approach problems with innovation and perseverance and to be citizens of our global society who understand how their personal choices and actions affect others. The ATI program is a guided space to hone these competencies within the school experience.

Deep learning consists of both ‘learning’ and ‘doing’—thought and industry. At ATI, we combine rigorous core learning arrangements, clustered around humanities, analytics and Socratics in which our students build the foundational working knowledge needed to engage in ever-complex, multi-disciplinary real-world projects. In addition, students experience activities under the heading “life design,” including our coaching program, which ensures personalized fulfillment of their own short and long-term goals. A rich practical life component and iterative creatives round out the exposure students require during these years to develop life-skills and to be exposed to potential interests they might want to explore further.

We know that the adolescent years can be a wonderful but challenging time for you as parents and that choosing the right program is not always an easy decision. Yet one thing is certain. By joining ATI, we are sharing your child’s middle years together, by constantly communicating and striving to make sure that his or her school experience supports and realizes the young emerging person he or she is truly meant to be!

I look forward to meeting you,

Rivkah Schack, Co-head of School

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Tour our school in 3D

Tour our school in 3D

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Our community at Museum Mile developed five community service projects this year: hygiene backpacks for children in homeless shelters, coat drive, food drive, community composting, Little Library. They received the "Triple C" Award (Courage, Character, Commitment) from the Attorney General of New York in recognition of their work.

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I love coming to school to work and see my friends. I spend some days a week at home, and the other days here at Museum Mile. I feel lucky to have my coach, who helps motivate me when I can't decide what to focus on.
Morgan R.
Student, ATI Museum Mile

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ATI Museum Mile is located at 12 E 79th St, New York, NY 10075 US, in the same building our kindergarten and elementary school, Guidepost Montessori. We'd love for you to come and visit!

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Meet the faculty

Assistant Head of School

Sarah Bushell

Assistant Head of School

Sarah is a native Georgian who earned her B.S. in Special Education from Georgia College & State University. She began her teaching career in Tennessee in a special needs preschool classroom. She has experience working with children who have Autism, Developmental Delays, Down Syndrome, speech and language delays, and more. After moving to New York City, Sarah discovered Guidepost Montessori and began her journey to a MACTE Montessori Nido/Toddler Certification. She is passionate about children's development and independence. Sarah lives in Brooklyn with her husband and loves trying new restaurants, spending time in Brooklyn Bridge Park, and travelling.

Middle School STEM Guide

Matt Ross

Middle School STEM Guide

Matt is a lifelong hockey player who now enjoys hiking and cooking with his wife, and he travels every chance he gets. His degree is in Industrial Math with a minor in Physics and worked for five years as a software developer between NYC and Quebec. Matt was inspired by one of his own professors to get into education, and he hopes to continue passing that inspiration on to his students. His goal is to spark curiosity and excitement in STEM!

ATI Humanities Guide

Malkah Schack

ATI Humanities Guide

Malkah is our teaching and curriculum development college intern. She is a passionate historian and has been teaching various courses at the middle school and high school level for four years. She enjoys many hobbies including reading, writing, historical sewing, collecting vintage clothing, and hiking. She can’t wait to meet everyone and set off on adventures in world history exploration!

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Join a school community designed to support your education with coaching, small classes, and a commitment to our core values. Engage in deep study and personal exploration as a student at ATI.

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