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ATI Voices

  • Our 16 year-old son attends here and loves it. We wanted him to be challenged but not overwhelmed with homework or mindless worksheets or wrote memorization. We wanted him to continue to have a passion for learning and also feel a part of a community. We hoped he could find a space where he could explore his values, passions and dreams and that those would be challenged in a positive way to help him to clarify who he wants to become at this important phase of his life. We found all of that at ATI.

    Krista Jordan-Remington


  • Our family moved across the country to be part of the unique educational experience that has now evolved into the Academy of Thought and Industry. [The teachers and administrators] are guiding this school with their exceptional intellects and talents, kindness, and integrity. They are dedicated to seeing the beauty and potential in every student, and creating a learning environment where each student feels safe to explore. My son has matured into an incredible young person as a result of his experience here.

    Kimberly Ames Schuchman


  • I love this school. The guides have helped my daughter to believe in herself and her capabilities again. She has rediscovered her intellectual spark and her creative passions. I feel more supported as a parent than I have ever felt through out my daughter's career as a student… [The students] have more accountability and responsibility than most of my co-workers. They are respectful, kind, helpful, and very funny! It is an amazing environment that makes me wish I could be in high school again!

    Rhonda Sanders



  • What is your daily schedule at ATI Toronto?

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    School is from Monday to Friday. School opens at 9 AM, classes start at 10 AM and go until 4 PM. Students have one hour for lunch. School closes to students at 5 PM.

  • Do you require admissions or entrance exams?

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    We do not require admissions or entrance exams.

  • What are your graduation requirements?

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    Our graduation requirements set a floor or minimum bar that we expect all students to far exceed in order to pursue their goals beyond ATI. At minimum, students must satisfactorily complete all core classes each year and the equivalent of 2 electives per year (which could include independent work) in order to graduate from ATI.

  • Do you accept transfers?

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    We do accept transfer students during the year. We have limited space for transfers. Please go here to understand the transfer process.

  • Do you have age or grade cut-offs?

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    ATI is primarily a high school community. However ATI is an integrated, mixed-age environment and therefore we are open to accepting exceptionally mature 8th-grade students or 13th-year students seeking a structured, supportive community within which to achieve their goals. There are no strict age cut-offs.

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