What News This Week Will Have the Greatest Impact on the Future?

Students discuss the news each week with eye to which items are likely to have long-term, large-scale impact

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What News This Week Will Have the Greatest Impact on the Future?

The Academy of Thought and Industry Partners with The Theory of Enchantment

ATI San Francisco Health & Safety Procedures during Covid 19

In light of the continued risk of transmission of COVID-19 and to ensure the health and safety of everyone in our environment, we want to highlight some of our new COVID-19 procedures and best practices.

Introducing: Progress Studies for Young Scholars

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Symptoms, Prevention, and How to Discuss With Young People

Dr. Liah Greenfeld: Identity Formation and Adolescent Well-Being

Are things falling apart?

Why a VC recommends that you encourage your child to focus on personal fulfillment

Are Tech Bootcamps Replacing College?

ATI Scholarship deadline is Jan. 15th!

Jack Andraka's Test for Pancreatic Cancer

Podcast: Michael Strong Chats with Danielle Strachman

Fantasy and Science Fiction Written by Teens

Great Teen Doers and Thinkers: Meet Sailor Laura Dekker

Podcast: Michael Strong chats with entrepreneur Charlie Hoehn

ATI student on his way to Bard

Podcast: Michael Strong chats with entrepreneur John Chisholm

Teen creates app to help the hungry find free food sources

Meet Denis Hill: New Head of School in San Francisco inspired by students

Great Thinkers and Doers: Teen eliminates blind spots for drivers

Mikaila Ulmer, A Great Teen Thinker and Doer

Best Teen Doers and Thinkers?

A profile of Laura Deming, teen anti-aging expert, and now VC in her early 20s!

Video: Meet Student Max Navin

Video: Meet Student Lilia Maturo

Video: Meet Student JP Barbagelata

Video: Get to Know Socratic at ATI

Video: Personal Growth at ATI

Video: College Prep at ATI

Get to know ATI: A short brand film

"Best Teen Doer and Thinkers" Eligible for $1 million in Scholarships

Do Teens Need to Discuss Moral Principles?

How Parents Can Support Mental Wellness at Home

Student bond strengthens ATI

The End of Average: Unlocking Individual Potential

Meet Aramis Grant: Student energy motivates new leader in Manhattan

New Evidence on the Value of Active Learning

The confidence to capture the world: Meet ATI student JP Barbagelata

Q&A with ATI guide Alex Gilman

Dancing with students: Meet ATI student Mica Manotoc

Q&A with ATI program developer Matt Bateman

Q&A with the founder of ATI

Q&A with ATI Head of School EvaClaire Wright

ATI student published in online travel and food magazine

Adult-Level Performance as a Teen - Congrats JP!

Get to know ATI's online courses: Astronomy 'is our oldest science'

Get to know ATI's online courses: Euclid's Elements a focus on history, philosophy of math

ATI testimonials: A parent's perspective

Creative thinking takes time

Is the "Teenager" a Natural Phenomenon?

Meet Guide Ann Orsinger: Learning community inspires personal growth

ATI launches online courses for summer 2019

Finite and Infinite Games as a Metaphor for ATI

Meet Eitan Chatav: San Francisco math teacher meets students with patience

Meet ATI student Ty Childs: Discussions inspire learning

Meet Alex Gilman: Humanities Guide in San Francisco invests in his students with empathy and trust

Dr. Yong Zhao Gets It!

Budgeting for Life after College

MAP St. Louis Merges with Middle and High School Program to Launch ATI St. Louis

Attention is Love

Stossel: A Better School Featuring ATI

21st Century Skills

ATI: Online

Futurism in Life Design at ATI

Stoicism and Identity Formation

How to Accelerate SAT Reading and Writing Score Gains

Getting Into the College Of Your Choice

What Does It Take to Achieve Excellence?

How Autonomy Brings Learning to Life

The Bliss Diagram: How A Teen Can Find Their Place in the World

Who Are You, and What Do You Stand For in the World?

Should You Care If Your Teen is Stressed at School?

Cultivating Excellence and Developing Genius

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