What is ATI?


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Launch an impactful career at ATI

At The Academy of Thought and Industry (ATI), we’re relentless in our mission to radically transform education—for students and teachers!

ATI is a Montessori-inspired middle and high school with locations across the country and online. At ATI, we believe education should be holistic—empowering teens to flourish in every area of life. We combine a rigorous curriculum, interest-based projects, internship opportunities, and individualized instruction and coaching to help teens build the core knowledge, ingrained curiosity and love of learning, and thevital work skills they need to forge their own unique path to success.

Why join us at ATI?

Our schools are intentionally small, tight-knit communities, allowing guides (teachers) to develop meaningful connections with every student and to use those connections to foster deeper learning, responsibility, and success.

If you believe education can do more—more to foster community, more to see both students and teachers as the valuable individuals they are, more to inspire a love of learning, thinking, and working, more to empower individuals to flourish in life—then, from the entire team at ATI, we hope you’ll join us on our mission to do just that! 

The Academy of Thought and Industry schools are part of the Montessori network run by Higher Ground Education. These include sister schools for younger children, Guidepost Montessori, and a think-tank, Montessorium, dedicated to understanding human potential through the lens of a philosophy of education.