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ATI combines the best of a vibrant, liberal arts education with creativity, independence, and personalization. Our programs include full-time campus and virtual options, as well as part-time and summer courses

Life on campus

Our full-time school program combines curriculum, coaching, and community to help you on your journey of self-creation. Our students are vital parts of the world around them - from volunteer work to internships, art projects to entrepreneurship, each campus is immersed in its surrounding community

Life on campus

Education on your terms

Your schedule is organized and designed with your goals in mind. In our classrooms, you will experience extended, freeform work periods to encourage decision-making and independence. Instead of a day built around continuously scheduled classes, ATI is more like a shared office. Work your way through our program at your own pace, in a way that is integrated with your own developing interests.

A community of work

We believe, as Maria Montessori did, that adolescents need to do difficult work that is held to real standards and represents a real achievement — as opposed to producing work solely for the purpose of a teacher evaluation or grade.

Each student creates their own path through school with the support of the community and her coach, a supportive partner who scaffolds and models the process of self-creation.

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Meet our guides

Using my current role as an artist in gaming, animation and film, along with the years of teaching drawing to students around the world, I want to help you develop your skills from the ground up. I'll share with you all the methods and philosophies that have helped me be successful in our world, as well as helping you with your personal artistic goals.

David Tenorio

Drawing and Animation Guide

One of the things I love the most about ATI is that the world is our laboratory. We can go outside, explore the world, because our goal is not just to read about science or study science, but to do science. We do science all the time. It’s a big part of the curriculum and something I love everyday.

Kristina Read-Tambunga

Science Guide

ATI is such a supportive and collaborative community, where each of us loves learning and helping one another provide the opportunity to create joy in learning for our students. In my spare time, I love skating, gaming, and reading all of the books (more than once – it's my guilty pleasure). I'm also working on a YA novel.

Briah Luther

Humanities Guide

I knew I wanted to be an educator since I was in middle school. I grew up helping my friends do their homework! Working at ATI has given me the opportunity to grow alongside amazing colleagues and students. In my spare time I like to take dance classes. I won the World Salsa Summit in 2020! I want all my students to find the thing that sets their soul on fire.

Sol Morgan

Acquired Language Guide

I grew up in a spiritual community, and I feel so lucky to have been exposed to Eastern philosophy and meditation while growing up. I love the holistic approach to education that ATI takes. It combines so many of my passions, from deep philosophical discussions and learning about the core ideas that shaped our world to personal growth and coaching.

Alex Gilman

Humanities Guide

Look inside a school

Look inside a school

Hear from ATI students

“I love coming to school to work and see my friends. I spend some days a week at home, and the other days here at Museum Mile. I feel lucky to have my coach, who helps motivate me when I can't decide what to focus on.”
Morgan R.Student, ATI Museum Mile
I used to dread school. Now I wake up every morning looking forward to seeing my friends and doing meaningful work.
Luke T.Student, ATI

Approved and accredited

All Academy of Thought and Industry schools have received accreditation by Cognia™, a nonprofit organization that provides quality assurance for schools, school districts, and education service providers. You can read more about it here.

Earning accreditation from the Cognia Global Accreditation Commission means that the system and all of its domestic and international schools are accredited, and that ATI is recognized across the nation as meeting the Cognia Standards of Quality.

Experience school on your terms

Join a school community designed to support your education with coaching, small classes, and a commitment to our core values. Engage in deep study and personal exploration as a student at ATI.

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