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Flexible online courses that allow you to dive into interesting electives and pursue areas of personal interest in a supportive learning environment
Virtual School

Virtual part-time courses

ATI offers part-time courses during the school year and in the summer. Get in touch with us to find out how you can get credits from our courses towards your high school diploma.

Examined Life Series

The most sophisticated skill set necessary in the 21st-century workplace is that of managing oneself and working effectively with others. In today’s rapidly changing world, professionals in every field are faced with the need to constantly adapt in unstructured environments. They need to set their own direction and persist despite diverse professional, societal, social, and emotional challenges.

    Progress Studies

    Progress Studies for Young Scholars is an online program of guided self-study in the history of industrial civilization for high school students. This program will explore: what problems, challenges and hardships in life and work were faced by people in earlier generations and centuries?

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    Join a school community designed to support your education with coaching, small classes, and a commitment to our core values. Engage in deep study and personal exploration as a student at ATI.

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