A middle and high school program helping teens live life to its fullest.

Welcome to the Academy of Thought and Industry, a network of Montessori-inspired schools serving grades six through twelve. We combine the best of a vibrant, rigorous liberal arts education with creativity, independence, and responsibility. We offer all of our programming both online and in person.

The ATI Network

The ATI program was founded as a program designed to apply Montessori developmental and pedagogical principles to today's adolescents. Our programming is designed to connect students with the history of human thought and achievement, and to do so in a way that is personal and empowering. ATI blends the rigor of human arts and sciences with a creative, entrepreneurial spirit.

And today's teenagers are networked. Our national network of small schools—in Austin, San Francisco, New York, St. Louis, southern Florida, and with more coming—is connected online and extends beyond our schools. The ATI network provides a structure and space for powerful learning to be brought to our students wherever they go.

If you are interested in bringing ATI to your city, please contact Scott Taylor, Executive Director of ATI Schools.

Our program is especially well-suited to young people who are ready to take responsibility for their own learning, and are purpose-driven, entrepreneurial, unconventional, or intellectually curious.

Michael Strong, Founder of ATI

Is it important to you to be driven by a sense of purpose?

Some people are motivated primarily by meaning and purpose. Do you long for a greater sense of purpose? Do you wish your classes were more meaningful? Are you more motivated when you know why you are doing something? Are you interested in developing your own personal sense of meaning and purpose? At ATI, students explore meaning while also being given the freedom to focus on purpose-driven projects.

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ATI 'Entreprenurial' Student Headshot

Are you eager to get started as an entrepreneur?

We live in a Golden Age for teen entrepreneurs. When he was 17 years old, Austin Russell founded Luminar, now worth more than a billion dollars. Or perhaps you want to create an internet business or market your own fashion brand. Whatever you aspire to do, as they say in Silicon Valley, “fail faster.” Get started now. Try things out. If it doesn't work out, pivot. But get going!

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Do you like to explore your own path?

Do you like to be your own person beyond the clichés of standard high school cliques? Do you love exploring new styles, new entertainment, new ideas, new cultures, new ways of living? What if you could learn, explore, and dream widely beyond the relatively narrow boundaries of standard peer culture? If you yearn for the social freedom to be yourself, ATI may be ideal for you.

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