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Arts and Minds: A "Big Ideas" Speaker Series

ATI at Museum Mile and Interintellect are pleased to present a series of in-person, “Big Ideas” salons at Museum Mile. We are bringing Big Ideas and intellectual life to the schoolhouse, where they belong! Discussions will feature some of Interintellect’s best event hosts, and welcome local parents, middle school students, as well as local members of the Interintellect community.

Events are FREE and require RSVP to attend.

Museum Mile is the flagship New York campus of Higher Ground Education, which is the largest and fastest-growing network of Montessori schools in the world. Interintellect is creating a global intellectual community and reinventing the French literary salon in a virtual world. We hope you are as excited as we are! Here several events planned for this year:

· Saturday October 21 - 2:30 PM

· Saturday, February 17 – 2:30 pm

Good Life: Interintellect Winter Series NYC - Interintellect

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